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We have worked with many different churches and religious institutions.  We do everything from small HVAC unit replacement type projects all the way up to complete overhaul of existing HVAC systems in existing churches.  We have been fortunate enough to be involved in a few historic restoration and renovation type projects that require installation of new state of the art HVAC systems and full fledged energy management and direct digital (DDC) building automation HVAC control systems that have to be installed in such a way as to not take away from the historical appearance of the church. All of our employees pass stringent background checks as well as have appropriate 10 hour and 30 hour OSHA construction safety training before they work inside these different facilities.  We have installed all types of heating, cooling and ventilation systems including chillers, hot water boilers, custom air handling units, 100% outside air systems, VRF variable refrigerant flow HVAC systems, water source heat pump systems (both conventional and geothermal), DX cooling systems, as well as traditional steam boilers with steam radiators and piping.  We excel on projects where there is a tight timeframe with which the project has to be completed in and understand how to phase and sequence large project to minimize interruption of planned church services on Sunday mornings.  We understand the challenges of working with building and property and ground committees and are eager to help with completing cost budget estimates that those committees can use to raise the appropriate funds for the project.  We also understand that the money is not always available to do a particular project.  We lean on our many years of experience to come up with creative ways to try to save money on the project without sacrificing function and work with the church members and committees to figure out a way to get at least part of it done when the full amount of funding is not available.