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We work in all kinds of educational facilities from public elementary schools and small private academies to public and private colleges and universities.  All of our employees pass stringent background checks as well as have appropriate 10 hour and 30 hour OSHA construction safety training so they meet the requirements for working inside these different facilities.  We have installed all types of heating, cooling and ventilation systems including chillers, hot water boilers, custom air handling units, 100% outside air systems, VRF variable refrigerant flow HVAC systems, water source heat pump systems (both conventional and geothermal), as well as traditional steam boilers with steam radiators and piping.  We also install all types of energy management and direct digital (DDC) building automation HVAC control systems.  We excel on projects where there is a tight timeframe with which the project has to be completed. We know how to get a large project done within a short time window, for example, when school is out for Christmas and/or during the summer break.  We work diligently to finish the project in any amount of time we are given to do the project. Last summer we changed out 45 rooftop air conditioning units at West View School over summer break.