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ETSU Buc Ridge Apartment Complex Phase 4

S. B. White Company is pleased to announce that it has been selected to install the plumbing and mechanical work for the new Buc Ridge Apartment Complex at East Tennessee State University. It is a four story residential type apartment building with 72 individual units an a total of approximately 64,000 square feet. We will be installing a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) type HVAC system manufactured by Daikin. This is a relatively new type of system that is being installed in this area that has been installed in Asia for quite some time now. There will be a separate wall mounted indoor unit in each bedroom and living room in each apartment that will be connected with refrigerant piping to the branch selector boxes (one per apartment). Each of these branch selector boxes will then be connected with similar refrigerant piping to a single condensing unit for that zone (approximately 8 to 12 apartments). This will allow for heat transfer between apartments so that if one apartment on the sunny side of the building needs cooling but another apartment on the shady side of the building needs heat, then this refrigerant piping system can transfer heat from the warm apartment to the cooler apartment without running the condensing unit. This type system is going to be able to offer great individual zone comfort control as well as quite a savings in overall energy usage. We will be working for Hardaway Construction Corporation out of Nashville, TN.