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Richard Preston

As a General Contractor, we are looking for a mechanical and plumbing contractor that acts with integrity, has knowledge and experience with all building systems, is dependable, works hard to complete projects on time, in budget, and makes a positive impact on our clients projects. That’s what we get when working with S.B. White. Preston Construction Company has partnered with S. B White for many years and on numerous projects. Our experience with them is positive and we have always been satisfied with their work. We never hesitate to award a project to S.B. White and are thankful for the partnership we have with them. S. B. White has always performed and exceeded our expectations on projects that we have worked together on. Whether it is a small design/ build job, negotiated contract with one of our repeat clients, or a bid project, S. B White has continually gone above and beyond what has been expected. We value our relationship with them and look for their help on numerous projects through the year.