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East Side Elementary School

S. B. White Company has partnered again with J. A. Street & Associates to do another school addition in Elizabethton, TN. This time we are installing a Trane HVAC System for the new 16,000 square foot gymnasium and four classroom addition at East Side Elementary School. The system will be a packaged rooftop gas heat electric air conditoning system with separate roof mounted ERV (energy recovery ventilator) units as manufactured by RenewAire. These ERV units reclaim the heat out of the exhaust air to preheat (in the winter) or precool (in the summer) the incoming fresh air to save energy. The roof top units will also utilize hot gas bypass reheat coils for dehumidification control. It should be another successful project for the city that should be completed sometime in the spring of 2011. Reedy & Sykes Architecture and Design are the architects for this project with Albert F. G. Bedinger Consulting Engineers, P.C. serving as their mechanical consultant design engineer.